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Client Testimonials

"Sarah has provided extraordinary care for my dog who absolutely loves her. He is always so excited and happy to see her, and he is a good judge of character. I have total confidence in Sarah and would not hesitate in hiring her again."
- Kim S.

"Sarah is a very dependable and caring pet-sitter. I have left my guinea pigs and cat(s) in her care many times and was always satisfied with her level of professionalism. Even during extended trips to Europe, I always felt comfortable in the knowledge that my furry family was well looked after. I have recommended her to a number of people and will continue to do so wholeheartedly!"
- Annika V.

"We are so appreciative for Evan and Sarah's loyalty, caring and compassion. They have both been willing to go above and beyond for our Josie."
- Suzie M.

"Evan has been coming to my house mid-day to walk my two dogs since mid-2009. The dogs like him a lot and are always excited for their walks. He's also been a great help transporting the dogs when I can't do it. He's brought them to the vet, the kennels and other places. I highly recommend him."
- Theresa M.

"Evan Taff has been pet walking and pet sitting our 13 year old Jack Russell for a couple of years now. He is always dependable, reliable, and has never missed a walk or feeding schedule. As our dog ages he has suffered from cancer and Evan helps with his vet prescribed medications. In addition Evan works into his schedule feedings and walks throughout the year that allow us to spend a vacation away without the huge fees charged at pet "hotels". I would recommend Evan for any loving pet owner if you want your pet to be treated EXACTLY as you would treat him/her yourself. His company is truly a gem in the world of Pet Sitters."
- Evelyn P.